Waterford provides informed financial solutions to clients with the assurance that “our quality of knowledge is of the highest level.”

Through our clarity of vision, we possess the skill and integrity to provide large and small organisations with advice on all aspects of running a business and building long-term equity.

Equally, Waterford is intent on ensuring that businesses and the individuals that comprise them, remain financially on track.


With our broad-based experience in maintaining companies’ financial records, we tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of any organisation, whether it may be a small or a medium size business.

Administrative Services

We provide a full and comprehensive range of company administrative services.


Waterford makes complex tax issues simple for you. Waterford Accounting Services (Pty) Ltd works with you to minimise your tax burden legitimately. Taxes, in their various forms, constitute a major business cost, but this can often be reduced or deferred with our help.



Waterford Accounting Services provides a wide range of financial valuation services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries.

Estate Planning

Let us help you with the basic and more advanced approaches to estate planning, from understanding how wills and trusts work to learning strategies that may help protect your beneficiaries and assets.

Other Services

We also offer: Mergers; Dissolutions and voluntary liquidations; Specialist offshore advice; Corporate governance; Compliance with statutes; JSE notifications and requirements; Assistance and advice on listings; Due diligence investigations.